Maintaining garden ponds and water garden features

All garden ponds and water garden features need regular maintenance. Formal pools with fish are probably the most demanding and pebble fountains the least. Wildlife garden ponds come somewhere in between. Garden ponds and water garden features need topping up from time to time, particularly in summer when water evaporation is at its highest. They will need to be kept clean and free from algae and pond weed. Use a rake or a net to remove debris and unwanted plants. Autumn is a good time for garden pond maintenance. Fallen leaves should be removed. If allowed to remain in the water they will decompose and the nitrogen released into the water will encourage algae to grow.

After filling, garden ponds take some time to settle down and establish a balanced ecosystem. A pond that is out of balance will go green. This indicates a lack of oxygen and excessive nitrogen in the water. Make sure there are enough oxygenating plants in the water, and that you have a good balance between deeper water and marginal plants. This helps to keep the water rich in oxygen, which discourages algae. Fountains also help to oxygenate water but should not be used in wildlife ponds. Garden ponds made specifically to provide a habitat for wildlife should be still. Pond insects and amphibians such as frogs do not live in moving water. Nor should such ponds have fish introduced to them. The fish will eat all the insects and any spawn laid by frogs, toads or newts. When you come to choose plants for this type of pond go for native species.

Buy these from a reputable dealer or water garden specialist. Do not take them from the wild – in most countries this is illegal and damaging to the natural environment. Make sure you do not introduce some of the more rampant species of water plants to your pond. Go to a specialist water garden centre and ask them to recommend a selection of non-invasive native species for your garden pond. To find out more about garden ponds check out these recommended suppliers. Save money on garden ponds at their Summer Gardening Sale. Gardens Alive! Get $20 FREE on your first order. Krupps Home & Garden Decor have a great selection of over 2,200 home and garden decorations.

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