Home Essentials Deluxe 10000 Btu Portable Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are one of the stunning inventions. With its salient features the product soon became a must in the houses. The Home Essentials Deluxe 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is one of the frontrunners in the market. The air conditioner is one of the finest in the market and the cutting edge technology used by Home Essentials is an asset. One of the main features of this product is that it can be placed anywhere for conditioning without any permanent installation.

Features of this product are simple and easily understandable. The unit has a dry mode which can minimise the moisture and maximise the affects of the portable air conditioner. Presence of digital LED display with remote control helps to set the unit in optional timer and for continuous operation. The 3 fan facility can be used in low, medium or high option making it one of the finest conditioners in the market. The carbon filters can collect large dust particles and there by prevent bacteria build up. The maximum air conditioning range of the product is 330 sq ft with a 8 ft ceiling room. The air conditioner thermostat is 64-90 degrees. The capacity of the air-conditioner is 10000 BTU /cooling per hour.

The moisture removal level of the product is 79.2 pints/ day. The energy efficiency rate of the product is 10.53 with the rotary air-conditioner compressor. The ventilation hose has a length of 4 ft and power supply needed for the product is 115V with a consumption rate of 950W. The dimensions of the product are 20.3″ (W) x 14.6″ (D) x 34.5″ (H) with a net weight of 83 lbs making it one of the lightweight products in the market. The Home Essentials Deluxe Air Conditioner is a stunning product which meets all the needs of a small line office or home and it is affordable too.