The main benefits of increasing the value of your home

If you want to increase the value of your home and protect it from potential disputes, then hiring a party wall surveyor in Wimbledon is essential. A party wall surveyor can help you understand the rules that apply to property owners and neighbouring properties, so that you can maximise the value of your property whilst staying within the law. Here we have listed some of the key benefits of hiring a party wall surveyor wimbledon.

1. Prevent disputes

A party wall surveyor in Wimbledon will advise you on how best to prevent disputes between you and neighbouring homeowners before they arise. They can inspect all existing walls on both sides for damage or encroachment and advise on boundary regulations and rights under the Party Wall Act 1996. This means that any problems can be dealt with quickly before they become more serious, saving time and money for all concerned.

2. Ensuring compliance with building regulations

When carrying out building work close to neighbouring properties, both parties must comply with the building regulations set by their local council. A qualified party wall surveyor in Wimbledon will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time, ensuring compliance with local authority legislation and avoiding costly fines or delays caused by submitting the wrong paperwork at the wrong time or place.

3. Save time and money

By using a professional party wall surveyor in Wimbledon you can avoid delays caused by ongoing disputes between you and your neighbours, which could otherwise escalate into expensive court proceedings if not resolved early enough. Using an experienced practitioner will ensure that any potential problems are identified quickly and efficiently before they become more serious – helping to save valuable time and money during the process, as well as preventing unnecessary stress for all parties involved in the dispute resolution process.

4. Increase property value

Using a qualified party wall surveyor in Wimbledon also has another benefit: increasing the value of your property! By ensuring that everything is done correctly from start to finish, this helps to add significant value to your home which could otherwise be lost due to poor planning or incorrect paperwork procedures up until completion day – meaning an added bonus for homeowners when it comes time to sell their home!

5 . Protect your rights & interests

Engaging a professional Party Wall Surveyor in Wimbledon is arguably one of the most important steps homeowners should take when considering undertaking construction work near neighbouring properties – not only will they provide impartial advice, but they will also help to protect your rights under UK law by ensuring that all legal requirements have been met prior to commencing work (ensuring maximum protection offered under The Party Wall Act 1996). This means that any disputes between you and your neighbours are much less likely to arise in the future, saving both parties a great deal of stress (not to mention the extra costs involved!).

6 . Easily resolve boundary disputes

Finally – having a qualified boundary expert on hand will prove useful if there are any boundary disputes between you and your neighbours regarding fences/walls/hedges etc., as these experts are experienced in dealing with such matters quickly & effectively without having to resort to costly court proceedings, as many other cases would first require going through lengthy arbitration processes before reaching an agreement over disputed boundaries – something which would take considerably longer if inexperienced individuals were to try their luck (not forgetting the additional costs!) Instead, having an expert already appointed makes life much easier for both parties involved!

7 . Accessible expert advice available 24/7

Party Wall Surveyors in Wimbledon offer accessible advice 24 hours a day should there be any queries arising after the completion date regarding either side’s rights & obligations under The Party Wall Act 1996 – allowing quick resolution timescales when compared to traditional solicitor based approaches often taken prior to reaching agreement on such matters! What’s more, thanks to modern technology, lines of communication are now open 24 hours a day, meaning that both homeowners & neighbours always know where they stand legally at all times – giving added peace of mind throughout the project’s duration until its successful completion!

8 . Professionalism counts for everything

Last but certainly not least – professionalism counts for everything when it comes to resolving potentially complicated matters involving multiple parties. As certified practitioners specialising solely in the field of construction related legalities; Party Wall Surveys possess intimate knowledge of the subject area enabling them to identify exactly what needs to be done, get the job done right first time round – meaning fewer opportunities for miscommunication, misunderstandings resulting in cost savings across the board along with higher levels of satisfaction for all concerned alike!


In summary, therefore, it is clear to see why appointing experienced Partwall Surveyor In Wimbledon adds great deal of additional security, peace of mind to anyone embarking on home improvement projects near areas owned by others – taking away the vast majority of potential headaches associated with same while simultaneously protecting the interests of those living in close proximity to each other too! So really no excuse not to invest wisely services such professionals next time decide to undertake construction works related type of order reap rewards mentioned above; aiding maximum possible return on investment made during course of action conclude satisfactory manner possible eventually leading to increased overall valuation of one’s own residence too!