To Maintain Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a cooling unit accumulated in a porthole, through a wall. It is specially designed for delivering cool air to a covered room without channels. When the unit is on, a pressurized refrigerant flowing through a room air conditioner, alternately in gas or liquid form is pulled by the condenser. The heated pressure gas travels to the condenser coil outdoor, where the fins distribute heat to the surrounding cool air.

The gas condenses into a liquid that travels indoor to the evaporator coils, where under reduced pressure it vaporizes into a gas, absorbing heat from the room. Through the air filter the blower pulls the room air across the evaporator coils and it is cooled, and then blown back into the room. The operating unit is controlled by the thermostat by pulling the heat out of the air to make the room cooler.

To maintain the filter and unit case

Unplug the unit and remove the front cover. Remove any clips holding the filter and remove the filter which is located either in front of the evaporator coils or attached to the back of the front panel. You can replace the filter as it is not washable. It is better to use a shop vacuum cleaner with sweep accessory to slacken off the dust from the cover and grilles. Use damp cloth to wipe the surface and replace the cover.

The cooling coils

When you want to clean the air conditioner you must unplug and take out the housing as you need to access the cooling coils. Most units lock the back panel to the framework with bolts or sheet-metal screw.

The drain system

To prevent algae formations flush the tube with chlorine bleach solution. Use cloth to wipe the drain channels moulded into the drain pan.

Air Conditioner as a best cooling feature

It is always recommended to take an air conditioner unit rated by the manufacturer at 9000 BTU, which can cool an area up to 300 square feet with an average ceiling of 8 feet. You would need to add approximately 600 to 800 BTU for each person

in the room. Many people supplement their central air conditioner with dehumidifiers.