Some Facts About Carpet Cleaning Machines

I have found that, the steam cleaning machines are subject of confusion to some people. Some are seeing these machines as carpet extractors which is false. Carpet extractor would suggest, that the machine extract carpets. That is really confusing if you ask me. Other people refer to the machines as steam cleaners. But what are really in matter of fact? Are these are floor steamers or carpet extractors?

To enlighten the situation a bit, I shall tell you that carpet steam cleaning machines are basically carpet cleaners, despite that they are not using any steam over carpets, it is a common practice to call them steam cleaning machines from many people. Duo of that, a big confusion is already created.

Carpet shampooers & floor steamers. The first mentioned, are modestly powered machines for cleaning, which are utilized for cleaning mats, carpets, upholstery and other soft fabric surfaces. The pressure level on outgoing of these type of machines doesn’t go higher than 500psi and the temperature can not be more than 210°F. It is that, because these aren’t made for much output power.

One operating with it, would rely more on the cleaning agents applied on the surfaces that require cleaning. And moreover, the the agitation power is more important on the output temperature. The temperature on the output is added on later models, because, the developers had come to conclude, that it was increasing the cleaning speed and the efficiency as overall.

On the other hand, we have the floor steamers. They are more powerful cleaning tools, that are being used on hard surfaces. The output power can go up-to 390°F, but that depends on the model and the hard floor surface type. Simply you can not use full output power on wooden or vinyl floor like on tile surface. A high temperature could bring some damage to more vulnerable surface like wood.

What about the carpet steam cleaning machines, what place it takes in this? Calling it “steam carpet cleaner” or “carpet steam cleaner” is more like marketing trick. In short. With the fast developments of technologies, the old machines for cleaning rugs and carpets of course has been evolving too. The old models, does not have any heating elements nor such output power.

An important notice must be write down ! – The common carpet cleaning machine does not have any steam output at all. There are other more complex units that are mounted usually on truck and have much more capabilities. Thus, the hot-water-extraction service does not meet the steam range, as the steam could damage severely the pile and fibres of the rug, especially if it is authentic Persian one.