5 Decor Ideas That Can Make Your Tiny House Stand Out

With the cost of natural resources shooting up like crazy and the negative environmental impact of big houses, tiny homes are gaining traction even among the economically affluent. 

There are a lot of benefits to having a tiny house. Research has shown that having less clutter around you increases productivity. A tiny house takes less space which leads to less waste. Lastly, it makes sense to have a cozy place to come and relax. 

However, one of the downsides to having a tiny house is that you will have less space (duh!) to decorate and make it yours. That doesn’t mean you have to adjust to the look and feel. In this post, we look at five decor ideas that can make your tiny house stand out.

  • Use light colors

There is a reason why even in big houses, people are advised to go for light shades in areas like living rooms and dining rooms. Light colors make the space look bigger. There is certainly no shame in opting for a tiny house, but if you go for a variety of bright or dark colors, it will make the house look even tinier. 

Apart from this, it makes sense to use a single color throughout the house so that as people move from one room to another, it feels like a wave, and there is no break in between. This will give the impression that the house is not as tiny as it might seem at first glance.

  • Go big on using vertical space

In fashion, there is a piece of generic advice that has been going around for decades – short men should wear vertical stripes – so that they appear to look taller—the same works for a tiny house. 

If you do not have a lot of space horizontally or width-wise, it is essential that you utilize the vertical space to project a homely feel. This can be done in multiple ways. Vertical indoor gardens are trendy these days. In the kitchen, vertical storage space can be used pretty efficiently. The simplest thing to do for the living room is to mount the television at a height to save space on the floor. Also, you can check RidingTiny.com for amazing ideas and hacks that you can try as you re-design your tiny house.  

  • Use the floor to segregate space 

A tiny house is, well, tiny. If a lot of walls are used in less space, then the ratios get disturbed, and it looks very congested. If you do not want that, then the floor can be used in twin ways to create a partition between different sections of the house.

For instance, the kitchen area can have slightly funky tiles in order to bring some attention. The same goes for the bathroom. In the living and dining area, colorful rugs can be used to add some spark to the house with otherwise light-colored walls.  

  • Hero the natural lighting

As we have already stated, the use of light colors like off-white makes the space appear larger than it is. With natural light, the effect is even more pronounced. This means the windows must be big and be covered with very light curtains so that even when they are shut, there is some natural light seeping into the room at all times.

  • Focus on storage

Yes, you might follow a minimalist lifestyle, but every house needs enough storage for the basic stuff. This can be taken care of even in a tiny house. There are numerous decor ideas that you will be pleased to find on Pinterest, which are not only spacious but unbelievably cute.

Storage under the bed, under the stairs, corner cupboards all over the house, and hanging planters are some of the decor ideas that have been trending recently. You do not have to follow the trend, just go with what meets your needs and adds to the look of the house.

  • Spend on customized furniture

More often than not, this becomes a necessary expense rather than a choice because most standard furniture is made for middle-sized or big houses. Anything besides that needs to be custom-built. But the overall savings from having a small house will more than cover this cost.

Furniture which is custom built always gives a better finish to the whole house and can incorporate a lot of your small needs like having a sofa cum bed will mean that you do not need to invest in a guest room. 

Lighting and furniture are huge aspects that can make a difference, but ultimately it is your warmth and exuberance that will make the house shine.